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Rfid radar kit with Patch antennas

Identifying and locating low cost RFID transponders

"A new identification technology"

"Better than a tape measure!"

RFIDradar represents a major technical development in the technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
RFIDradar now adds location information to the identity information that was provided by previous RFID equipment.

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Introduction to RFIDradar

How does RFIDradar work

White paper on measurement accuracy of RFIDradar
White paper on accuracy of RFIDradar being used to detect small movements in structures at long ranges

Test results showing spread over 14400 readings

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Sample data showing data dump over 10 minutes

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Datasheet - Long range stick Tags (25 to 30 meter)
Datasheet - Long range claymore Tags (>40 meters)
Datasheet - Long range Stubby BAT Tags (40 meters)(new)

Datasheet for 200uW Credit card sized tags

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Aug 2020 Why no new announcements. The manufacturers are too busy to issue a new newsletter at present. The device is used in more than 20 countries at present and its design has been stable for many years. Contact us if you wish to buy a system.

19 December 2015 Using RFID to mark safe routes through landmines for vehicles - request from United Nations

19 October 2015 The rewards of using established component suppliers

22 June 2015 RFID controls unmanned heavy vehicles

11 August 2014 Development of new range of transponders for RFIDradar

11 August 2014 Using RFIDradar to steer robots

28 April 2014 New rules regarding the transport of Lithium batteries

13 November 2013 Cellid - new form of low cost global asset tracking

6 June 2013 Tracking nuclear waste containers

27 March 2013 Choosing the correct RFID operating frequency

5 February 2013 Linking Android tablets to RFID readers

2 October 2012 Manufacturing costs of a very low cost transponder

3 July 2012 Radar measurements under computer monitoring

28 Nov 2011 How good is the radar range measuring ability

31 May 2011 Recent applications - Movement of structures

31 May 2011 Recent applications - Monitoring the sagging of power lines

7 May 2011 Updated brochure available

4 December 2009 New SURVEY mode added to RFIDradar

26 May 2009 Huge increase in performance for transponders on metal

24 April 2009 Development directions for RFID

9 Sept 2008 Future advancements in RFID applications

5 Feb 2008 Using RFIDradar to detect small movements in structures at long distances

1 Sept 2007 Monitoring for slight physical movement of large civil structures (bridges/buildings) continuously-

11 June 2007 New product- Ultra low power credit card like tag for 40 meter range

6 May 2007 24 volt DC kit for readers and radar

2 April 2007 Making RFID into a productive technology.

6 February 2007 Trying to fit many users into a small slice of the radio spectrum

2 January 2007 FREE White paper on RF spectrum use by different RFID air protocols - Burning up the limited spectrum

19 December 2006 RF spectrum of energising signal showing why these products generate such low levels of interference

22 November 2006 How does RFIDradar measure distance accurately

10 November 2006 Sample data showing data dump over 10 minutes

28 August 2006 RFIDradar now supplied with Speed Kit

24 August 2006 RFIDradar now in use by clients in 13 countries.

1 July 2006 RFIDradar focuses development on tracking accurately moving objects

13 June 2006 RFIDradar achieves millimeter precision for monitoring movement

10 May 2006 RFIDradar morphs from experimental to commercial status

10 May 2006 Merging of RFID and RFIDradar technologies to become the future reader technology?

5 May 2006 - DSP version completed - Commercial and OEM versions of RFIDradar now available - accuracy improved to centimeter resolution and 0.2 degree angle resolution - Processor performance improved to 10000 range measurements on a field of 50 transponders per second.

17th April 2006 - Accuracy so good that Trolley Scan start using the trademark Better than a tape measure!

10th April 2006 - Paper on measurement accuracy of RFIDradar

15th March 2006 - First RFIDradar systems shipped to clients in Europe

31 January 2006 - Spectacular test results showing 14000 successive range measurements

17 January 2006 -- BREAKING NEWS -- Amazing FORTY NINE (49) meter range achieved with new LONG RANGE tag and standard reader

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If you are looking for conventional RFID systems, operating at UHF frequencies and offering long range (13 meters), passive, fast (300kph), multiple transponders (up to 700 in a zone), credit card sized transponders, low radio interference, able to operate in all countries of the world (already used in 45 countries), fixed and portable readers - then look at Trolley Scan at http://trolleyscan.com/
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