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Datasheet - Claymore Tags(tm)

Claymore tags

These are special transponders which are directional and need to be pointed towards the reader. They use a block of polypropelene and a rear reflector to focus energy onto the sensor, making them very sensitive in the direction of use. They will give more than 40 meter operating range. They can be attached to objects and will not be influenced by the prresence of the object to which they are attached as all energy is directed away from the attachment area.


Size 180 by 30 mm by 30 mm
Operating frequency 868-870MHz(GSM)
Operating power 0,6uW RF power @868-870MHz(GSM)
0,6uW RF power @900-930Mhz(US)
Antenna aperture 149 sq cms @868-870MHz(GSM)
134 sq cms @900-930Mhz(US)
Transponder power structure Tags are battery assisted from onboard battery with power switch
Antenna gain 5.0dB
Polarisation Linear
Multiple transponder environment Up to 50 in the field
Packaging Laminated sleeve
Air protocol Trolleyponder®(RIST)
Programming Factory pre-programmed
Part number 8000-0750 @868-870MHz
Manufacturer Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd
South Africa

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