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Sample Data


The radar has an ABSOLUTE mode where by locking onto the transmission from the transponder and compressing time about 1 million times, it is able to determine the actual distance of the transponders accurately.

The radar has a RELATIVE mode where it is able to determine very small movements of the transponders in the order of millimeters without working out the actual absolute distance.

The precision of the system depends on signal strength of the signal from the transponder.We are able to operate on pure passive transponders at distances up to 13 meters and on battery assisted backscatter transponders in the 40 meter range.

The two attached data files that you can download are for various transponders in our test range, recorded simultaneously and logged. The files represent continual recordings over ten minutes (600 seconds) and give range identity, range in meters and angle from the centre line in degrees.

Transponder BBBCB0002 at 9 meters and BBBCB5002 at 21 meters are good references of a good signal.

There will be variations in phase angle caused by disturbances in the radio path between the transponder and one of the receiver antennas by objects such as birds flying through the path.

Download ABSOLUTE data file in ZIP format

Download RELATIVE data file in ZIP format