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RFIDRadarTM Potential applications

The following are some potential applications of RFID-Radar technology. To date this technology has been very expensive meaning that only military type applications could afford to use it in the past.
Locating parcels and bins of goods in 3D space. Tracking the progress of goods automatically from goods receiving to storage. Radar can be fitted even to a fork lift truck so that it can image and locate objects in the immediate vicinity of the apparatus.
Where is my tank? - Where is my platoon? - Where is my patrol hiding in the long grass? - Where did I leave the landmine?
Monitoring security patrols
Using the track feature of the RFID-Radar to monitor that guards do perform their patrols correctly. Monitoring can be done via computer monitor program covering large area.
Asset movement
Real time tracking of assets in a building/office, tracking both the laptops, computers, etc and the people if needed.
Monitoring the location, attendance and safe passage of pupils in the classroom and on the public transport - from when they leave home in the morning to returning in the evening
Monitoring the traffic of delegates past the sponsors' booths at conferences
Tracking individual animals in a herd, and also detecting if any of the herd stray beyond fences (theft)
Tracking trolleys in a parking lot at an airport or supermarket to monitor if any trolley is being removed from the premises
Old Age homes
Watching residents of an old age home to detect if any stray beyond the boundaries of the property.
Nursery school
Watching children in a playground to check that none stray near dangerous equipment or leave the premises
Shopping centres
Monitoring for lost or seperated children in a crowded shopping centre - Where is my child?
Parking lots
Providing a monitoring service to report where your car is parked in a public garage.
Museums and galleries
Monitoring many artworks from a single location to ensure they are not moved
Electricity Utility Transmission line integrity
Monitoring the height of transmission lines above the ground to detect impending failure or breakage
Dam wall integrity
Monitoring the profile of a daw wall continuously to millimeter precision to detect impending failure
Bridge integrity
Monitoring movement of bridge decks and supports due to wind, floods and traffic
Mine tunnel clearage
Monitoring the dimensions of a mine tunnel to detect rock burst
Monitoring the movement of patients, staff and equipment in a hospital environment to speed up locating the person/object in an emergency
Reporting the location of parcels for distribution on a warehouse floor.
Loyalty cards at retail stores and banking outlets
Notifying management of the arrival of important clients.
Finding missing luggage at airports. Tracking luggage and passengers through the airport to ensure all arrive at the aircraft on time.
Monitoring commuters in Underground transit systems
Tracking the progress of commuters electronically in conjunction with the CCTV systems in use at present
Barcode replacement
Trolley Scan have in the past been known for developing advanced retail systems for the checkout of goods from a supermarket - both through the Branders and the Waverider system. Their protocols allowed the same numbering system to be used as was in use with the existing EAN/UCC barcode numbering system. Now Trolley Scan have advanced the technology far beyond the restrictions of the barcode in that we can now report location information as well as all the features in the earlier RFID systems for retail.

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