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Datasheet - Long Range Stubby BAT transponder

BAT tags

These tags are small form factor tags and are a little bigger than a credit card. They have a radiation pattern similar to a dipole and are constructed on a block of polypropelene with a rubber sleeving which means they have an immumnity to influences from the objects to which they are attached. These tags will give almost 40 meter range with a 2 Watt reader.


Size 90 by 60 mm by 10 mm
Operating frequency 868-870MHz(GSM)
Operating power 0,3uW RF power @868-870MHz(GSM)
0,3uW RF power @900-930Mhz(US)
Antenna aperture 149 sq cms @868-870MHz(GSM)
134 sq cms @900-930Mhz(US)
Transponder power structure Tags are battery assisted from onboard battery with power switch
Antenna gain 2.1dB
Polarisation Linear
Multiple transponder environment Up to 50 in the field
Packaging Laminated sleeve
Air protocol Trolleyponder®(RIST)
Programming Factory pre-programmed
Part number 8000-0650 @868-870MHz
Manufacturer Trolley Scan (Pty) Ltd
South Africa

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